Grade Level Lead Room Parents: (this person meets with the Teacher lead for their grade and communicates party ideas to the room parents/co-room parent for their grade.  Once plans are made regarding the party, the grade level lead is responsible for purchasing the items necessary for the party within the budget allowed, and distributing the supplies to the classrooms before the date of the party.  The grade level lead parent will be reimbursed by the PTA for the purchases, with proper receipts.)
STACC-                       Erica Covington,
Kindergarten -           Liz Garza,      
First Grade -               Ashley Hodge,
Second Grade -          Victoria Jayne,
Third Grade -              Mindy Harrison,
Fourth Grade -           Melissa Bigelow,

Grade Level Lead Teachers:

Kindergarten - Miss Rhodes
First - Mrs. Bowers
Second - Ms. McKee
Third - Ms. Barnett
Fourth - Miss Stegall
Room Parents and Co-Room Parents (Room parents and co-room parents meet with the grade level lead to plan the party.  Once supplies are distributed, the parents of a classroom will set up and run the parties in their classroom.)

Party Schedule for BPES 2013-2014

Winter Party - December 20, 2013
Valentine's Party - February 14, 2014
End-of-Year Party - June 4, 2014
Times will be advised as they are communicated to PTA.