Volunteer Team
Teacher/Staff Liaison
Jack Davidson, BPES PTA President
Volunteer Representative
Lori Anders

Book Fair
Melissa Warner

Criminal History Background Check

As a school volunteer, you must fill out a Criminal History Authorization Form each year - and you can process it online this year!  This completed online form, and the criminal history results, must be kept on file and renewed each year.  This helps keep our children safe!

KISD Gifts and Honorarium Policy (Updated August, 2011)

 Volunteer Notes

Not many schools have the space to give volunteers a wonderful workroom like ours! With this comes a sense of pride that is well deserved.  Please be considerate when working in our volunteer spaces.

  • Allow Teachers to cut in when needed. They are on a tight schedule!
  • If you mess it up, please clean it up.
  • Keep young children in the same workroom or with you at all times.
  • The equipment, such as the copier, white boards, die cuts, cutting boards and butcher paper are for adults' use only.
  • As always, keep the noise level to a minimum, our children are learning.
  • For the safety of your young children, do not allow them to play in front of the doorways.
  • Follow the dress code guidelines.
  • Have Fun!

Don’t forget to always sign in/out at the front office when you enter the building.  This is for our children’s safety as well as yours.