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Proudly supporting Bette Perot Elementary School, Keller ISD

Special Announcements:


Who are we?


The Bette Perot Elementary Parent Teacher Association is the supportive arm of the BPES administration; it is comprised of volunteers from the BPES community.  Members of the board are voted in by the BPES community.

What does the PTA do?


We coordinate events and programs including but not limited to:

  • Running Club

  • Annual First Day of School "Boo Hoo, Woo Hoo" events for parents

  • Fall, Winter, and Spring Family Events

  • Dining Night Out

  • Staff Appreciation 

  • Watch DOGS

  • Yearbooks

We provide fundraisers which have supported Bette Perot Elementary that include but not limited to:

  • Field Trips

  • Staff/school supplies

  • Refillable water stations

  • Sports equipment and recess equipment

  • Musical instruments

  • Outdoor picnic tables

  • Playground garbage receptacles

How do I get involved?


Join the Bette Perot Elementary School PTA today and help make a difference!  The PTA is open to parents, teachers, grandparents, community members, and business leaders interested in supporting Bette Perot Elementary!  Check out our membership page for more information!

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