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Looking Forward to A Great Year!

August 2015


Hi Bette Perot Families,


Welcome back to school!!   To our new families, hello and welcome to our wonderful school.  Our students are so fortunate to be enrolled in a school with an outstanding administration and exceptional teachers, who strive to ensure each child, family, and staff member experiences the joys of learning, self-discovery, success, and acceptance.  It is through your support of the PTA that we join in that mission.  Please consider joining the PTA as an individual or family!


Every year we hear a few parents say they do not feel connected to the school or know what is going on.  With busy schedules all around, I understand it is not easy to keep on top of all the activities.


The PTA Board will be doing our best to communicate school activities more regularly and concisely.  We are planning regular Facebook posts, with short reminders of what is happening in the school.  Like our Facebook Page - - to stay connected.


I am very excited to be involved in the PTA this year.  It is my first experience with the PTA and I know I have a lot to learn but I am excited!

We look forward to seeing you on our Facebook Page and at our next PTA event in September!



Misty Wolfe

PTA President









Notes from the President



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