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Grade Level Lead


The grade level lead ("GLL") works with a corresponding teacher lead to plan parties for the grade.  The GLL is responsible for purchasing supplies (and submitting requests for reimbursement). You may be both a GLL and a room parent ("RP").


Time Commitment:  The majority of your time tends to be dedicated to party planning (typically 2 - 3 times a year). You meet with the teacher lead, as well as all of the room parents.  In addition to purchasing, you are responsible for distributing party supplies to the room parents. 


If you're organized and enjoy planning, contact our Room Parent Representative for more information about this position.


Volunteer Coordinator


The volunteer coordinator works with the teacher to create and manage volunteer opportunities within the classroom.  Many teachers use the SignUp Genius Web site to manage classroom calendars.  Many times, calendars are created at the beginning of the year and need very little maintenance throughout the year.  Some teachers may decide not to have a volunteer coordinator, opting instead to manage volunteer projects themselves or through their room parent.





Thinking about volunteering, but not sure if you're ready for the time commitment?  Check out some of the most common roles within the PTA.  If you're interested in a Board position, please contact Jenni Ashcroft or review the standing rules.

Co-Room Parent


A co-room parent may assist during class parties, help with reading and/or math fluency, fulfill copying needs, and chaperone field trips.


Time Commitment:  Time commitments vary for room parents.  You can be as involved as you choose to be, helping only with class parties (typically 2 - 3 times a year), or with parties, copying, etc.


If you're interested in the room parent role, contact our Room Parent Representative.




If you are interested in volunteering in the library, just stop and talk to Mrs. Pratt or drop her an email.  She manages her volunteer calendar (including Book Fair weeks) using the SignUp Genius Web site, so you can volunteer as often or little as your schedule permits.


Mrs. Pratt can never have too many library volunteers!


Room Parent


The room parent ("RP") takes an active role planning grade level parties.  The RP acts as a liaison between the grade level lead ("GLL") and room parents by communicating party details and requesting donations when necessary.


Time Commitment:  Much of your time will be dedicated to party planning (typically 2 - 3 times a year).  You may also volunteer in the classroom, fulfill copying needs, help with fluency, and chaperone field trips.  the GLL is generally responsible for all PTA-related purchasing and reimbursement; however, RPs may be asked to purchase and submitted reimbursement on behalf of PTA.


Interested in becoming a room parent?  Sign up on the volunteer form that's distributed during parent orientation.  Missed that form?  Contact our Room Parent Representative.


Take Home Projects


If you can't be on campus but would still like to help out, consider signing up for a "take home" project.  Many teachers coordinate take home projects through their volunteer coordinators.  There are also opportunities throughout the campus.  For more details, contact the Admin Coordinator or the PTA Volunteer Coordinator.

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